HoodRich Entertainment:The Play

The theatre company appreciates your interest in us. We value your support and time.

The mission of this theatrical stage play is to provide an upscale entertainment experience while supporting and promoting the cast and crew members gifts and talents. Our core values include improving the quality of life in the communities where we operate by investing time through volunteerism and economic growth because of the stage play.

Hoodrich Entertainment is a stage play, written by three sisters Tahsa Jones, Letecia McGaughy,Samone McGaughy-Hall,.  The sisters started an advertising, marketing, and promotions in 2008 termed Tre’sista (pronounced Tra’Cee’sta), this is Swahili for three sisters. After the success of several events they decided to write a play.  It was natural for them to start writing. Tasha and Letecia were avid poets and Samone is a lyricist. 

Together the sisters have brought to life a dramatic comedy with characters you will never forget. Chris P is the owner of an up and coming record label, HoodRich Entertainment. The label is rich with talent and ready for the music industry. The group is preparing the hottest concert the city as ever seen. The head executives at Sony have RSVP'd, and if all goes well Chris P and his artist are heading to the big leagues.  Everything is going as planned until unexpected tragedy strikes. With the concert just a couple of weeks away can the team overcome the adversities of the Hood.

This play focuses on gun violence, alcohol and drug addiction and overcoming adversity.