When they get it! G-Spot hosts a daycation 1/19/19@ Soul House Retreat!

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

Soul House Retreat is an urban Bed and Spa nestled in the Bush Hills community. We created the space so that urbanites would no longer need to travel outside of their neighborhood to recieve relaxation and rejuvenation. The space includes three rooms. The Zen room which offers a King size bed. The relaxation room has a soaking tub and queen size bed and room three was left open for the imagination, we use for meditation, 

The ladies of G-Spot has supported our movement from the day we opened our doors in November of 2018. The G stands for God, Goals, Glowing and Growing, mentally, spiritually and physically. 

We welcome Shana Gatrey and and her tea business to our home today. Thank You for gathering our sisters together and hosting this amazing daycation. You see our vision!