The Power Of Healing

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

Sometimes life happens so fast that the universe will make choices for you. High blood pressure, changes your lifestyle. You receive a call or tweet (if you work for the president) that your're fired. Your mate leaves you for someone else. You don't know how or why or what's next. 

One day I was the owner of a car rental company and then life happened. The  very next I was CFO of Pink Vulva Yoni Steam and Herbal Baths managing sales and marketing loading my car at 5:30 am heading to Chicago IL to hold an hour conference on Black Art and the Power of Healing. It happened so quick and as rode the three hours from Indianapolis to Chicago something assured me that this was pivotal moment in my life click the link to see a powerful dance by Rise Youth choreographed by Reesie Davis pictured with me ( shes holding the flowers)

My daughter who is an artist; rode alongside and was there to live paint while I was to convey the importance of vaginal steaming. Pink Vulva Yoni Steam and Herbal Bath was created by my eldest daughter. Knowing her personally the product is easy to sell but as marketer I needed to communicate our long talks about natural healing to the conference participants . Our team totally believes in the healing properties that herbs has on the body, but the herbs mental and spiritual premise is astonishing. Vaginal steaming is known for  potentially removing any unwanted and toxic realities while awakening  the wombs natural function, to create life ie. babies and ideas.

Not remembering that I'd steamed a few days before my career abruptly changed course. Not recognizing as I rode three hours spending quality time with my youngest daughter. Not actually listening to myself speak about the womb wanting to call my own mom and say I Love You. Not until journaling in my blog did I realize the herbs and universe were working in my favor. 

For me, I can sometimes make my life difficult but I am beginning to realize that having control over my life is not as important has the openness to be present in whatever the universe brings my way.