The Organic Spring Market 2021

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

This years "Hood and Holistic" 2021 2nd Annual Organic Spring Market turned out to be all about connections, choas, customer service.

I had faith that all the vendors would sell out, but what I didn't expect was the connections that were formed amongst the attendees. I was reminded that markets are not just for selling good and services. 

Here' what one vendor wrote.

Pay attention to signs, it is what it looks like.
We all at some point in our lives have ignored signs of warning but, what about the positive aspects of life’s signs. This past winter during one of my times of meditation I shared with my higher source my desire to be part of a sisterhood, a spiritual family, and a holistic network. This weekend my manifesting came to pass. Thank you @feverssidechicks for allowing me to be apart of your vendor family.

In business at least ours we are constantly in the state of what I like to call organized choas. I have held several events before. I have produced stage plays in several cities and the outcome always comes out like we planned. So why am I so anxious, nervous and flustered. Learning to channel your emotions into focus can be challenging especially when you THINK something will go haywire.


Here's what an attendee and family friend wrote:

 ABSOLUTELY SURE that I've always seen clearly yo stank shit, I just happen to be linked in to your Family and I also see your potential, but everybody has 'some' potential, and I simply aimed to support that, your 'potential'...But sweetheart, thieves, murderers and dumb stupid insensitive inconsiderate bitches make millions all over the world everyday for millenniums, if that's good enough for you, it's certainly available in abundance, but if you think that's the TRUTH, you're ignorant as fuck! And girl if you don't have enough discernment to see that you have nothing that I need or want, you clearly don't even have the potential for potential...What's mostly unfortunate is that if you treat gentle kind generous 'me' like you did, you treat everyone like that, and it's so entrenched that you probably won't be able to change unless some terrible shit happens to yo ass...And if some terrible shit never happens and you just keep making money, that would mean that you're going to be stupid till you die...One thing for sure, you'll have no shortage of company...And I swear I ain't mad at you and my feelins ain't hurt in the least, rather, I feel sorry for you...💜💜💜🖤

This one right here was a whirlwind. Behind the layers of profanity  I did find some jewels.  

I am learning that positive thinking is the #1 key to hosting an successful event.

I can be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time. 

I wanted coffee and conversation after that whirlwind. Her front door was open and coffee was brewing, typical. My mother offered me an apple fritter. I sat at her kitchen table and took a sip of coffee. So how did the event go? She remained quiet. I spoke, I got a text from a mutual friend. I read her the text. 

I think you should work on making sure your product and customer service is on point. She took a sip of her coffee and asked for a trip to the bank to pay her bills.

"The business of Life"

written by Eurydice Samone Hall