Pink Friday Sales

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

Sept 13,2019

 Sept 13,2019

Pink Fri-slayyyyed Sale

5 ways to keep calm during crisis 
1. Slow Down
2. Think Positive
3. Breathing exercises
4. Call a mentor or support team
5. Never ask what if
extra Drink Pink Vulva Slay Tea


If you haven't been watching tennis this week you missed the Goddess slaying.  Serena Jameka Williams has not let adversity, age, or giving birth slow her down. Trail blazing to her 100th US open win on Tuesday then coming back Thursday with a win that pushes her to the finals. 


Pink Vulva has been crafting its deodorant for 2 years working with different herbs,  oils and all natural ingredients.  Our Jasmine scent deodorant we shall call "Jameka's Adversity" in honor of Serena Williams.

Our Gift Set includes:

1 Travel Size Jameka's Adversity Deodorant- A hint of jasmine scent deodorant crafted with baking soda and our sun infused lemon oils. 

1 Travel Size Jasmine Shea Butter- Jasmine Scented Shea Butter with sun infused oils.

1 Travel Size Yoni Steam-13 all natural herbs for the womb.