Pink Fri-slay Sale

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

Sept 13,2019

Pink Fri-slayyyyed Sale

5 ways to keep calm during crisis 
1. Slow Down
2. Think Positive
3. Breathing exercises
4. Call a mentor or support team
5. Never ask what if
extra Drink Pink Vulva Slay Tea

Grace Determination and Imagination! Go RiRi, she is such an inspiration to women everywhere. Singer turned Mogul slayed New York fashion week on tuesday. Her forty minute runway show will stream on Amazon Prime on September 20,2019.  SavagexFenty Lingerie line features underwear for every size and shape. Launching this new venture is not an easy task. Some Instagram followers complain of terrible customer service, and out of stock merch. I'm sure Rihanna can handle the setbacks, like she has in the past, with Determination  Imagination and Grace. 

Our pink vulva tea line will keep you calm while slaying. 

We picked some of the girliest flowers chamomile and lavender. click on the sale to see the benefits of our Slay Tea!