Mamie's House

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

Since so many of us are on the come up, when do we start getting serious about investing and philanthropy? I mean if sowing seeds (shouts out toRicky Dee) is how it works... #isthisagoodtimetoask #askingforusall Facebook post Karen Johnson  April 8,2019 12:41

April 12,2019  Phone rings: Hey Momma. Its my business partner and daughter Miesha. I was thinking, now that things are up and running don't you think we  should be giving back.

                       Yes we should. Daughter. 

Soul House Retreat provides a space for individual, couples, families, and anyone who wishes to getaway and enjoy a peaceful enviroment surrounded by positive energy.

We want to part of the solution in keeping families together alive and well. Our program is called Mamie's House because someone we loved dearly died to domestic violence. 

We want to open our house to those who feel they have no place to go and so they remain in abusive and toxic situations. I know cause I've been there.

We want to show individuals how to cope with relationships. Instead of resorting to physical and mental abuse. I grew up in it.

Physical and Mental abuse is real, especially to the victims and most victims return to that enviroment. I did.

There is no better way to give back than something your passionate about and believe in. 


We will be reaching out those effected by domestic violence to offer what we have. A place to retreat and enjoy a peaceful enviroment in a positive surrounding.  Please call 205.381.6951 to let us know how we can help.