IndyVegFest March 31, 2018 Indianapolis, In Its Free!!!

by Eurydice Mcgaughy


Miracle Hall owner of BlacLunar 23 and Soul House Retreat.

Miracle Hall is a 21 year old freelance artist, vegan advocate and more. Throughout the Midwest and Southern U.S., her recognizable canvasses are bold colored acrylic paintings of feminine characters, vegetation, nature and animals. She offers live painting and paint classes. During her live paintings, onlookers absorb positive energy and good vibrations. As well her stroke and sip paint classes are fun loving and get the creative juices flowing. You can view her art on Facebook at blaclunar23.

Advocating for veganism, she focuses on millennial's in low-income, urban communities where healthy eating choices are not an option. She uses social media, podcast, and panel discussions and her peers are taking notes. Miracle sees the damage that unhealthy eating causes her community and is taking the initiative by creating plant-based products and offering meditation and yoga services in the areas that she calls home.

Come by and check her out