I am.... The Host and Organic Spring Market will be Lit!

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

I am Eurydice(Samone)Hall the host of the Organic Spring Market. Throughout my career I  have successful pulled off many events with the help of family and supporters. 

Others like stability, but I flow with change, one day I may be selling purses the next day houses. My daddy told me" the one thing that's constant is change". I've worked in sales and customer service. I started out as rapper in the early nineties, I never quit I just transformed my lyrics into business models. I turned my writings into a play, my thoughts into Retreat Homes, and every now and then I pick up the mic, just to see if I still got it. 

In 2015 I produced a stage play entitled, Hoodrich The Play it is a dramatic comedy about a music label, written by my sisters and I. The first play was held in Indianapolis,In at Crispus Attucks High School, a school specifically built for the young african american minds during segragation. Crispus Attucks himself was once and slave and protestor. The school also has a beautiful musuem that has captured Indianapolis black culture. After that we took the play to Joliet, Il then to Huntsville Al. 

I've also produced pool parties, hair shows and competitions, award ceromonies, model searches and competitions, a television show and hosted a talk show. I performed my music live rocking stages across the south. I had a ball and great memories doing every one.

I wanna teach yoga and meditation classes. I been a vegatarian for over a year and it has changed my life.  I like making natural juices, and I am mastering the art of cooking vegan soul food. I figure the easiest way to convince my tribe to eat better is by offering a different version of the foods they love.

I am so proud of all three of grown children. They are young,learning and happy. My best friend is my husband. 

I currently own Soul House Retreat, a home in the urban community that offers bed and spa services. I am co-owner of Pink Vulva Yoni Steam and Herbal Bath and opening a Vegan Restaurant ~Fever's Grill Juice Bar and Market. The restaurant is named after my brother who died  in 1999 due to gun violence. 

I am all this, I am none of this,  I am dope af, I am...forever changing.  

 March 9th I will be hosting the first of many Organic Markets in Birmingham Al @the home of Fevers Grill  be there.