Happy Valentines Day Soulhousers Love is a Verb!

by Eurydice Mcgaughy





Love is Communication 

I read in a book. (Paraphrasing) 
The average number of words spoken and heard each day in general conversation is approximately 20,000 words .

7,000 are misunderstood/misinterpretated
2,000 are used to hurt others 
2,000 are not heard 
500 are cuss words/abusive words
2,000 are grammatically incorrect 
2,000 are mispronounced
2000 are just unnecessary

We waste 17,500 basically 
Out of that 
2,500 words are actually CLEARLY communicated.

So what are you really saying and listening to? Are you intentional with what you say? Carefully select your words. 
You manifest what u say. Words are spells. written by Ratat Rayay


Love is Flexibilty

For all of my relationships whether family, work or love interest; I must be willing to change.  People needs and wants become different. If what once worked is longer beneficial and not giving me the desired results, I will try modifying my approach to giving love.



Love is Problem Solving

  • Identify the issues. Chances are the relationship won't last if I dont have the flexibilty and communication to start.
  • Understand everyone's interests. I was once told I didn't have compassion and lack empathy. I will seek to understand not to be understood.
  • List the possible solutions w/options. Compromise I will give a little I will expect a little in return.
  • Priortize. I can't tell someone I love them and never make them a priority.