A Simple Women

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

My grandmother was a simple women. If she was in a room the only way you knew she was there was when she laughed. It was loud and contagious. Most of the Bobowomen in my family are reserved. You rarely will find them boasting about thier achievements or showing how beautiful they are on facebook. We are quiet women. I am one of the most extroverted among a few others (my cousin Keyata and Maya and my daughter). Yet we still seem reserved compared to most. It's a Bobo women charteristic.

As a business women if I want to be successful I will need to come out of the shell.  Working for myself has been a dream of mine since I was child. While other children played I was somewhere quietly thinking; mostly joining in to play store or acting like a character on TV.

Today I am a spirit moved individual. When something begins to tug at me I stop, listen and surrender. Yesterday I was obedient to my creator and reached out to a few business associates and who knows what will come from these connections. The tugging to connect was more about taking a leap of faith than connecting. I've realized that success does not come easy there is cost not associated with money.

I'm still a simple women as my grandmother. I am also a business women wanting to leave a legacy of wealth and inspiration to my children. The struggle will be merging those two worlds.  

"The business of life" written by Eurydice