"A Party of Oneness"

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

Our 3 day detox retreat was a life changing event. I knew that it would be, I just could not imagine how. Learning that healing and detoxing is a personal inward experience has opened up my mind tremendously. 

My journey to find clarity and peace is so important to me. To be a successful business owner I must learn how to be a successful person. Success looks like controlling thoughts, patience, gratitude, and love.

Being in love and in control of yourself requires learning. We are never taught to sit in silence, timeout was punishment. Learning our breaths, touching our hearts and knowing its beats. Tapping into divine energy and staying connected. Knowing your now, is directly related to everything in this universe and beyond. 

You cannot find this through conversation, You cannot find this through food, alcohol, family or friends. Its an inward experience a party of oneness.

This weekend we rarely spoke it was more about doing. I never realized how important it is to channel the you in you. 

Oneness is defined as being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts. 

I strive to be whole in world of insecurities, constantly changing and moving at light speed. Stillness is the key for that. Quietness is for that. Listening for the downloads from our higher power, and learning and growing from what we hear. 

I realized that one is not the loneliest number It is zero. 

Soul House had the opportunity to host over 20 women. We had several women cancel due to personal issues and one who could not complete the detox. 

On Friday - "Pamper Me Pajama Party". teach women about the effects of retail brand deodorant, toothpaste, soaps and cosmetics etc.  We challenged women that participated to not use their traditional necessities rather use Soul House all natural line of products. As well as taught them how to make their own.

On Saturday- Meditation , Yoga, Gluts and Abs Workout, Light Walk, Working in the Garden. Hosted Sip and Stroke.

On Sunday-Sole' guided  a ceremonial workshop that was explainable. You would have had to be there. 

On Sunday I also got the chance to interview Sole'.  I asked her what was she missing in her life and her reply was nothing, I have everything I need. Being me I rephrased the question and asked again, surely she misunderstood. Her reply

"The only thing world needs more of is Love and I have that".