Going Strong @ #8 Lil Vo from Empire is taking every advantage of the Chicago film industry. He's hanging out with Us on 01.01.2016 @Envy in Huntsville Al

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

Lil Vo

Lil Vo (born Travis Cox; 29 Sept. 1993, in Chicago, IIllinois) is a urban song writer and performer noted for Hip Hop inspired songs. He lived most of his life on the West side of Chicago where he was influenced by the up and coming label ELZ. Once Lil Vo recognized his own talent he ventured out on his own and started his own record label called E.G.M. Lil Vo has a prolific catalogue which includes several mixtapes titled 1) Heartbreak 2) Expect the Unexpected 1, 2 & 3, 3) The Lost.
  Lil Vo current projects includes features on the hit T.V. show (Empire) season 2 Spike Lee (Chiraq)
TV Show (Shameless)
 Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes
A host of collaboration which includes the following up and coming Producers , Solo on tha Track, Ju Beats,
 Artists line up include
For additional info including recent songs and photos visit www.elzgangg.weebly.com