Hood=The Black Community We down to the Top Ten Reason to come see a Stage Play Its about to get real!!!

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

Lets be honest when we use the word "hood" we are classifying groups in a particular area, in other words the Black Community. Upon first look you notice the liquor stores, one stop shops, unkept homes and misguided teens hanging around. At a second glance you see graffitti tagged on buidings and people waiting at the bus stop. Really foucus I mean Reaaaally focus. you see it! Its Hip Hop, Its Rap Its the stoplight by african americn inventor Garrett A Morgan Its your favorite Chris Brown joint or Patti's Sweet Potatoe pie. Its Just Black Culture its just the Hood. Society got us believing that the hood is something bad, and the funny part is we believe it. Well, I ain't going. That means the house my granny worked so hard for and raised all her kids and grandkids in was bad. All those July 4ths and Christmas dinners, bad. #yeahright
Forward thinking #2016 we need to stop looking at the green grass on the other side of fence and start watering our own. Every culture has its imperfection. Lets Recognize our achievements, the family unit and our past accomplishments. Its all Good in the Hood Boo. Look Around.