Its The Code!!! Ladies we just booked Young, Dark Chocolate Freshman Rapper Mic Moe!! #Reason13

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

We got em Ladies!! He'll be performing 01.01.2016 Mic Moe and the whole Money Code Ent. just gave us the yes and we are super excited. This young talented dark chocolate brother has been working hard all year on his new Single No Cake!! But the real question is No Woman??? Mic Moe we wanna know. I guess you can ask him Jan 1, 2016 @the Cognac and Theatre Show. 


 Here's What we found out about him,

Born in Brownsville, NY but raised in Birmingham, AL, 23-year-old rapper Michael “Mic Moe” Morris has a thoroughly diverse sound that encompasses both his southern and east coast roots. 

Music is embedded in Mic Moe’s DNA; he grew up in a household where sounds were constantly flowing in every room. If music wasn’t streaming from the house speakers, he was surrounded by it when his mother would take him to concerts and jazz festivals. In middle school, the young spitter learned to play the piano and began playing the baritone in the band. As he got older, Mic Moe didn’t participate in football or basketball like his friends, instead he wrote rhymes and recorded them as his sport; turned out he was good at it.  The gifted lyricist distinguishes himself from his hip-hop counterparts by his use of inventive metaphors and hyperactive voice. The ecstatic energy he effortlessly exudes when he performs further appeals to his growing and diverse fan base.

 From Jay Z and Nas to TI and J. Cole, the emerging rapper is a student of the game. He is constantly writing, working and mastering his craft and as a result, winning.

 His tenacious spirit and work ethic can be accredited to time well spent in the military. Upon graduating high school, Mic Moe found himself with the choice of serving time behind bars or his country; he chose the latter. 

Mic Moe considers himself an entertainer just as much as he does an artist. He built his reputation as a crowd pleaser as an opening act at 16 years of age for rappers like OJ Da Juiceman and Webbie. He would perform in front of an audience of thousands on Sunday nights and attend school on Monday mornings. His love for God has also played a huge part in his life and the devotion seems to be paying off. “I wouldn’t be where I’m at if it wasn’t for Him,” says Mic Moe. “I’m very spiritual and religious and feel like I will continue to advance in His time, not on mine.” Spoken like a true soldier.