#Reason 23 Tell A Story #thegrio

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

Story Telling 

Some of the greatest stories every told are in the bible, which happens to be on my list of fav books; because I get a different perspective after every read . History begans with a story,your future must start with a story. 

Here's Hoodrich Entertainment The Stage Plays Story:                                                             HoodRich Entertainment is a recording studio in any inner city neighborhood, USA. The storyline is a dramatic comedy with urban satire confronting the issues that the black community faces everday. With an infusion of an over-the-top look into the urban music industry that  will provide a connection to music lovers.

There are total of nine cast members and the production is two hours long. As the Executive Producer and one of the writers I have read the script many times and seen it perform live twice. Like the stories in the bible I get new outlook on life everytime its produced.