My view

by Eurydice Mcgaughy

Language and Culture

Recently Raven Symone spoke candidly about “ghetto names” and how she would not hire someone with the name, Watermelondria. Later I viewed videos using the same language “ just because someone has a" ghetto name” doesn’t mean they are not qualified.

 When we let another ethnicity belittle our way of life and take on their customs, we are de-valued. Letecia, and Tameka, and Watermelondria (lol) are not airquote “ghetto" names. They are names which represent an African American tradition that we should be proud of.  

 At this point doesn’t matter what name African Americans chose to label our children, it will be considered ghetto, because it is not in the name, it is in our culture. If another culture refuses to recognize that there is beauty in differences shame on them, if you are embarrassed about your heritage than shame on you.

We dance different, we cook with soul, we laugh loud, we pray hard, we speak with vigor, we got big ass families, and big asses, we create beauty from nothing. We have our own culture. In the the words of 2 chains I’m Different ,I’m Different.